Flos Headford

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Flos is now a welcome sight at any musicians' pub session, thanks to his wide repertoire, quickness to learn and his inventive approach to tune and song accompaniment.
He has been playing fiddle since his early thirties, starting with Morris dance and progressing to English country dance music through years of attending musicians' sessions in Gloucestershire and at Folk Festivals throughout the UK.
Although not primarily a singer, he has a good voice, and a fine repertoire of comic songs, providing a welcome contrast to more solemn material
He currently plays with the Old Swan Band (and has done for 25 years or more), and was a founder-member of outfits as diverse as The Mellstock Band and Edward the Second and the Red-Hot Polkas (later known as E2).
On Shreds and Patches, Flos does most of the graphics, edits the reviews and sets them, and provides a few reviews of his own. Part of this work involves him in designing the front cover, which for many issues now has carried the notation for a tune, often a recently written tune. He uses a computer notation system which allows non-readers of music to listen through tune books and learn new tunes. It was formalised by Chris Walshaw, and is called ABC. At the start of 2012, it was at release 2.1. It allows you to use free (or, if you choose, quite cheap) software to type the notes of tunes into computer files, send them by email, print sheet music from them, have the tunes played to you, and more. Here are more details about ABC.